February News

Soundtrack_Vinyl_Gatefold Cover_Out now_

„The Eerie World of E.Z. is a limited edition album by Ulrike Haage, available exclusively on white vinyl. Released by Blue Pearls / Indigo, this unique and captivating album offers a mesmerizing journey into the hauntingly beautiful musical world of Ulrike Haage. The Eerie World of E.Z. showcases Haage’s exceptional talent as a composer and musician. Her distinctive style combines elements of ambient, electronic and experimental music to create an otherworldly sonic experience that is both enchanting and unsettling.

The album features 18 tracks that take listeners on a sonic exploration through ethereal landscapes and mysterious soundscapes. Each composition is carefully crafted with intricate layers of instrumentation, including haunting piano melodies, atmospheric synthesizers, and subtle electronic textures. Ulrike Haage’s mastery of creating evocative atmospheres is evident throughout the album. From the dreamlike ambiance of „Track 1“ to the eerie intensity of „Track 2,“ each piece invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where emotions are stirred and imaginations are ignited.

The limited edition white vinyl adds an extra touch of exclusivity to this already remarkable release. The pristine white color not only enhances the visual appeal but also complements the ethereal nature of the music itself.

Whether you are a fan of ambient music or simply appreciate innovative and thought-provoking compositions, The Eerie World of E.Z. is an album that should not be missed. Immerse yourself in Ulrike Haage’s captivating sonic universe with this limited edition white vinyl release.“

(K Zimalla Westzeit, press text)