This is the story of the small publishing house SANS SOLEIL with a unique philosophy. As one of the pioneers of the German audio book industry SANS SOLEIL gained a reputation for publishing high quality productions with strengths in literary biography read by the finest narrators as well as a distinguished musical style. SANS SOLEIL was founded by pociao and Ulrike Haage. Together with Fritz Jan Brinckmann (graphic designer of the Einstürzende Neubauten) they developed their logo and designed their first publications.

„Things that make one’s heart beat faster.“ Sei Shonagon (966-1017)

The adventure started in 1995 with the release of the album „Goto“, featuring the cult musicians of their time FM Einheit, Phil Minton & Ulrike Haage. The hits of this album were „A Waltz For Ella“, „Der Kreisel“ (for piano and ping pong balls) and „Zu viele Teufel im Land“ (for distorted & pure piano and electronics). At the same time founder and translator pociao prepared the book launch of the German edition of Jane Bowles‘ Collected Letters (edited by Millicent Dillon). When Ulrike Haage and Katharina Franck turned the letters into an innovative radio play (BR) Sans Soleil became known in literary circles and arts sections all over Germany. The radio play had the original name „Bei unserer Lebensweise ist es sehr angenehm, lange im Voraus zu einer Party eingeladen zu werden“. The book’s title is „Gonza magilla – ein Leben in Briefen“.

{Presseinfo: In den vorliegenden Briefen zeichnet Jane Bowles ein eindrucksvolles Bild von ihrer Auseinandersetzung mit einer Welt, deren Maßstäbe, Rituale und Gesetze ihren eigenen Visionen fern sind. Fast unmerklich wird klar, dass eins und eins nicht zwei sind, dass Widersprüche nebeneinander existieren und dass das Leben überhaupt sehr absurde Seiten hat.}