The latest issues of #Jazzthetik, #L.mag and #Jazzthing feature glowing reviews of my two recent film score releases. 🙏 The reviews beautifully capture the essence of my music and highlights what I deeply value in the collaboration between film directors and composers. Working closely with directors allows us to create unique and compelling scores that elevate the storytelling experience. It’s a process I cherish and hold in high regard, and I’m delighted that these reviews reflect the importance of this creative partnership. The reviews also offer keen insights into my musical style and individuality, highlighting how my music can stand on its own, even without the film.

And that’s not all in July– dance and music lovers, mark your calendars for the end of July! The choreographic project „Ring“ is making a comeback in Munich, #Muffathalle. Choreography: Felix Ruckert. Musical direction: Christian Meyer & Ulrike Haage. I am thrilled to share that I’ll be back on stage with Christian Meyer, my long-time collaborator in the choreographic project „Ring“ and our joint CD „stills.“ On July 30th and 31st, we will take the musical helm for the interactive dance project that first took us around the world 24 years ago. It’s incredible how time flies. Be warmly invited to join us as we bring this unique fusion of music and dance to life once again. We can’t wait to share this special experience with you!

The Concept of Ring

Ring is not just a performance; it is an interactive choreography that invites participants from the audience to engage directly with dancers. The experience unfolds over three rounds, sometimes extending to a fourth, with participants changing in each round. This dynamic structure ensures that every performance is unique, shaped by the interactions and energies of the people involved.

Creating a Mood through Music

Throughout the evening, music plays a pivotal role in Ring, generating a series of different moods. The carefully curated soundscape creates an immersive atmosphere, enveloping the choreography and enhancing the ritualistic feel of the piece. The music is not just an accompaniment but an integral part of the experience, influencing the movements and interactions of the dancers and participants.