June news

Premiere of „true stories“ on BR2. Portrait in „Eins zu Eins. Der Talk.“ Diving into my next piano solo CD. June brings the premiere of the multilingual radio art performance „true stories“. Featuring wonderful performances by #BirteSchnöink, #FrançoiseCactus and #DamianRebgetz. We are improvising with the texts of the same name by great concept artist #SophieCalle, creating a permanent overlay of reality and fiction, reversal of roles and intimate stories, memories, associations.

The premiere was celebrated with a nice one hour talk in the radio: Portrait in „Eins zu Eins. Der Talk.“ Both broadcasts are still online for a year. Please enjoy! In October we will release a new Piano Solo CD. I am busy composing and preparing the recordings. On this album you will find extended versions of my film music for #Seestück by #VolkerKoepp and the #TerzinenDesHerzens, a cycle of compositions written for the same named poems by #AnnemarieBostroem.