September news

This September I develop the concept for a micro-opera, which will have its premiere in the Museum of Naturkunde, Berlin in 2018. Check it out under projects, if you are curious. On 27 September I have the honor to play extracts from our Kyoto sound diaries during an event of the Goethe Institute in the interesting venue Silent Green, Berlin. On 14 September I attended the opening of “My abstract world” in Berlin: Artists share their favorite music-while-working with the public. Thanks Max Dax and Katharina Grosse for having chosen “Valzer con calore” [Maelstrom]. Very special experience to see my music in connection with these powerful colors! Last not least the film Grüsse aus Fukushima will be released on DVD and as VoD. Our wonderful soundtrack with lots of extra music has already been published in march 2016: Soundtrack Grüsse aus Fukushima.