March News

#Gema Musikautor*innen Preis 2021 #authorshonorauthors & concert @ #mastulsessions. Let me allow to share my joy about the lovely surprise of the Award for my compositional works for Radioplays and Films. Thank you to the Jury. It means a lot to be honoured by other music authors. The biggest surprise was the lovely and touching Laudation of the filmmaker Volker Heise: „Fragt man mich persönlich, bist Du schlichtweg eine großartige und innovative Musikerin, die auf sehr vielen schmalen Graten wandert und nie abstürzt. Du hast die seltene Eigenschaft, dass Deine Filmmusik immer eigenständig ist und sich nie den Bildern unterwirft. Und ausserdem bist Du eine äusserst liebenswerte und charmante Kollegin…“ Thank you to #NinaFivaSonnenberg for the Moderation.

Another experience in march: my Solo concert in the small intriguing club #Mastul in Berlin, Wedding. A stream with concluding discussions with my public. Questions and remarks came from all over the globe. It felt very nice to be connected and to have the chance to answer directly to your questions about preparation in the upright piano, about writing filmmusik and about our time with all the sorrows and concerns that we share.