May news

Arte shows the exceptional deeply moving documentary Berlin 1945 Tagebuch einer Großstadt. A 180-minutes film, based on diary records, letters and quite unknown images. Picture editing, words and music were developed in close alliance. This film narrative shows the year 1945 through films and records from international and national witnesses, rare finds and eyewitness accounts, but also new images. „Narration on eye level with the writers horizon“, says film maker Volker Heise. It took me several months to compose alongside with the process of editing and re-editing the material. Thank you for inviting me to write the score and the permanent support of the production company, Arte and RBB.
„Eine Dokumentation ohne didaktische Handreichung, ohne die immer gleichen Zeitzeugen vor düster monochromem Hintergrund und, man muss das erwähnen, weil es so selten vorkommt, mit einer dezenten minimaoistischen musikalischen Begleitung von Ulrike Haage.“ (FAS, Peter Körte)
End of may I am invited to play a „ghost concert“ at the Moers Jazzfest, presenting my new CD Himmelsbaum. I am very much looking forward. – Together with my chinese musician friend Xiaohe in Beijing I composed a song for children. As we were both worried especially about their situation during the pandemic lockdown all over world, we decided to dedicate a song to all of them. The text is based on the fairy tale „Wild Swans“ by Hans Christian Andersson. The song can be heard on Deutschlandfunk in June and soon on our websites. It is a real chinese german collaboration, as you can see.